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There seems to be a groundswell of interest in getting back to the basics of life.

Join thousands of others who have taken the first step in learning how to garden, how to raise animals as friends not just for food, how to make delicious garden-fresh recipes everyone will love and so much more. Whether you’re a rookie or a rockstar, welcome to our happy farmily.

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Back to the Basics

HomeGrown was hatched by Annette of @azurefarm with a vision to share the joy and beauty of country living. Since then, it’s been so fulfilling to see more and more people inspired by the content and community that we have built. See you on the inside.

Practical steps to learn all about simple country living

Practical steps to learn all about simple country living

We create and curate content that walks you through step by step on all of the facets of country living. We also have a passion for making beautiful content. From food to farm to family and so much more, we find ways to share tried and tested ideas in your own kitchen, your own garden, your own home.

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What’s on HomeGrown?

There is something inside all of us that hears the call of nature. But in an increasingly noisy world, it can sometimes be hard to hear that voice. Join us as we seek to reconnect with nature and get back to the basics of life.

Simple. Beautiful. Inspiring.

Start your HomeGrown journey today and join thousands of others who just like
you have felt the calling back to the basics of life.

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What people are saying

"Annette’s course is full of wonderful information that any chicken owner can benefit from! If you’ve not raised chickens yet, you will find this course especially helpful as there are many things you just don’t know about when it comes to keeping chickens! I can’t recommend it enough, and your flock will thank you too! " @boxwoodavenue

"I'm a complete newbie and Annette's course has been very insightful and was a lot of fun!" @themattsfamily

"Gardening can be intimidating, especially when it comes to seed starting, soil types, and understanding which crops to grow. Jared and Annette have put time and energy into creating a beautifully filmed and informative course that teaches hopeful growers all of these elements; and in an approachable, inspiring way. I recommend this course for anyone interested in learning to grow their own food!" @axeandroothomestead


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